No Butts About It, You're Booti-ful - Print
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No Butts About It, You're Booti-ful - Print

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Created using watercolour and ink.
This is a print of the original artwork.

Flat, round, peachy, dimply, stretching, tattooed, well cushioned, deflated, whatever the shape, it's always been there for you to sit on and it deserves a bit of lovin'? There's no butts about it. Your butt is booti-ful! Let's start changing the conversation about what it 'sexy or hot or healthy'. Love your body, own your body, and create a generation of empowered women.

Celebrate all of your booti with this quite literally 'cheeky' print!

This print is also available in a set with the "Your breasts are best" and "Oh baby, you're Emuf" prints.

This product is painted, printed and packaged using only South Australian businesses.

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